As a natural products manufacturer, MVM herbs is committed to responsible stewardship of our planet. For the past few years, we have remained true to our philosophy: “Preserving Nature’s Way.” We continuously strive to minimize our environmental impact and preserve our quality of life for future generations – a responsibility we hold genuinely. Being a sustainable manufacturer of Traditional herbs and extracts starts with our sourcing practices. We are conscientious about the raw materials we use and the suppliers we partner with. Our manufacturing processes are designed not only to ensure our herbs are authentic and free of contaminants, but also to minimize waste. We update our technologies and methodologies as necessary to stay at the forefront of responsible manufacturing. MVM’s sustainability journey is ongoing. We will continue to monitor the effect we have on our natural resources and make improvements wherever possible to lessen our environmental impact. We will be relentless in our pursuit of sustainability solutions, because it is what is best for our customers, our communities and our world.
Our workers health and safety
Always the safety and security of workers in MVM Herbs is one of the factors that are implemented and taken into account with the utmost concern by applying the highest levels of safety in all stages of production, along with regular analysis and checkup for all the workers and farmers to keep them safe.
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Our Farming Communities
We wouldn’t be successful without the farming communities that grow our plants, we are committed to our farming communities for providing us with high-quality products that have helped us achieve a reputation for excellence. With a simple vision of making a difference, we started In an effort to provide our farmers with the tools and training required to improve their skills and generate a sustainable income.
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Eco friendly packaging
We offer several sustainable options to our customers and are working with our packaging suppliers to develop additional sustainable options; Now We use the most eco-friendly packaging solutions possible.
Reducing Gas Emissions
MVM herbs is committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices, We Started to Focus on Making decisions and solutions that address sustainability issues that are Very important to the environment, Carbon Disclosure has been reduced through the last few years.
Restricting child labor
By taking initiative in help creating a protective environment that cares for and supports all children:
• Encouraging support for national child labor laws and their enforcement.
• Promoting decent work for youth who are above the minimum working age through training, life skills, and entrepreneurship